WINGS FOR SCIENCE is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 by Clementine Bacri and Adrien Normier.


Our mission : give Wings to Science. 


To achieve this objective, the team of WINGS FOR SCIENCE works to : 


  • Carry out or sustain independent scientific research programs (development of tools and methods, acquisition of new data, analysis)


  • Power up science education initiatives (managing student projects and talks in schools and universities)


  • Communicate to the general public, to raise interest and develop knowledge about science (by organizing awareness campaigns, by producing books, movies, exhibitions, talks and more)


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The expedition flights



Timing :  January 2016 - November 2017


Aircraft : Super Petrel LS

Aircraft manufacturer : Edra

Average cruise speed : 90 Kts

Consumption : 18 L/h

Flight over the Americas 2016-2017

Flight around the World 2012-2013

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Timing :  June 2012 - June 2013


Flying hours : 450

Distance : 54 000 Km

Countries overflown : 50

Stops : 102

Aircraft : Virus SW S80

Aircraft manufacturer : Pipistrel

Average speed : 120 Kts

Consumption : 12 L/h

Our mission : Give Wings to Science

The long flights are conceived to fulfill the scientific needs we are contacted for. 


We build partnerships with numerous scientific institutions around the planet. We fly to help reaching local scientific goals (aerial archeology, marine mammals surveys, air sampling...). In exchange of this help, the research center hosts us and pays for our operational costs (fuel and taxes) & food. The scientists also agree to be filmed for the purpose of educational movies. We also participate in the authoring of the scientific publications using the data we collect.


The whole journey and the variety of scientific collaborations are great materials for the teachers !

We meet kids and teachers, and provide motivation talks. With the kids we are more into opening the minds to physics and natural science topics. With the teachers, we help out by providing stories and material to develop exciting content at school. At the moment we are aiming to produce a special teaching aid.


  • M. Pierre Lena, cofounder of La Main à la Pâte (Hands On) creates the bridge between classes all around the world and the team.


  • The Science institution UniverScience presents our movies at the french Museum of Science (in La Villette  &- Paris) on their webportal. 


  • TeleSavoirs organises videochats with the french public during our scientific missions. 


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The collaborations with scientific institutions

The conferences : science education